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With unemployment at its highest point since the Great Depression, the need for career and job placement information within the community has vastly increased.  With this, comes a need for more resources; enter the Vault Online Career Library!  Trusted by over 6 million users at 1,000+ public, undergraduate and high school libraries across the county, Vault's Online Career Library is the union of in-depth printed and online content. It includes essential industry information synthesized with specific, insider company reports which are of particular interest to students and professionals, normally available only by individual subscription. 

Vault empowers users with fresh, relevant knowledge about companies, careers and schools and provides the coherent context needed to identify valuable job and educational opportunities. It will make your students and patron’s efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient. 

Now more than ever, libraries have truly become the career centers for the community; more and more people rely on their library for job placement help.  With the Vault Online Career Library, your members will possess all the tools necessary to prepare them for career success.  Additionally, your library will be provided with a one-stop shop for your career content.  Check out the demo link!

Vault Online Career Library
Library Journal reviewed this resource -- here is the link to the article:

Additionally, we have developed a video walk-through of demo – check it out!

General Features

  • 80 Vault Career Guidebooks
  • 6,000+ Company Profiles
  • 50 GOLD Company Profiles
  • 50+ Vault Videos
  • Internship Database
  • Access to the Vault Message Boards
  • Insider College Admissions Reports
  • 1,100+ Career Advice Articles
  • Sample resumes and cover letters, and interview tips
  • Industry and occupational research
  • Insider Information: Vault surveys thousands of professionals every year to get the inside scoop on companies and industries.
  • Access: Reach more students effortlessly.  Your users can access the content 24/7 from any computer with internet access, and you are allowed unlimited concurrent users!
  • Customization: We give the Online Career Library the look and feel of your site, including the logo and navigation tools.
  • Trusted Content:  The Online Career Library is used at over 1000 subscribing institutions, reaching over 6 million users worldwide.  The Online Career Library has a 96% subscription renewal rate.
  • Quick & Painless:  Vault does all the work.  We build and host the Online Career Library–you just post the link on your site to give your patrons access.
  • Tracking:  Upon your request, Vault provides statistics monitoring usage.  This way you ensure a return on your investment.

Library Journal reviewed this resource, and Vault’s Online Career Library was recently named one of the Journal’sTop 10 Outstanding Electronic Resources of 2007 -- here are links to both the articles: and

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20% discount off the annual subscription fee.  You must order by 9/01/09 to receive the discount.  Pricing varies depending on the type of account, and the number of cardholders/students. Only new customers are eligible for the discount.


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